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Beowulf, A Precessional Myth

STOP PRESS. In this preliminary paper, the author describes his recent discovery of an astronomical reading, rather than an historical one, behind this myth. This Anglo-Saxon saga, written in the late Dark Ages, is a powerful lesson in the main effects of precession. Final paper in preparation.

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St. George and the Dragon

A thousand years earlier the Greeks knew it as the Andromeda/ Perseus story. What does a knight called St. George have to do with it?

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Precession of the Equinoxes

Ancient cultures that developed an interest in the night sky eventually discovered a subtle relationship between constellations of the zodiac and the rising sun of the equinox dawns. This is an explanation of the phenomenon for myth decoders.

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Some Dragon Lore

Dragons feature in many myths and fables. It's probable that elements of these stories have astronomical origins.

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In researching these myths I have come across some excellent books decoding mythological systems buy authors with a scientific perspective. These show that the astronomical foundation of mythology is proven.

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The Internet has thrown up some fascinating work, both from a scientific and mystical viewpoint. Whether or not you agree with the author, these sites make fascinating reading.

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