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Further reading for myth decoders:

"Hamlet's Mill" by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend, first published in 1969, paperback edition published in Nonpareil Books, by David R Godine, Publisher, Inc. 1977. This is the seminal work that discovered a technical language embedded in mythology. The language was that of astronomy. It should be required reading for all those seriously interested in understanding mythology.

"The Origins of Mithraic Mysteries" by David Ulansey, 1989, published by Oxford University Press. The author decodes the mysteries of the Roman cult of Mithras and discovers its inner astronomical secrets.

His article in Scientific American in December 1989 provided a broader view of Mithraism in Western culture. See the author's website for more information.

"The Secret of the Incas" by William Sullivan, 1996, published by Three Rivers Press. The author discovers an astronomical system within Andean (S. American) mythology, and also a sociological history that stretches back 2000 years, one that matches the known archaeological record. See the author's website for more information.

"The Death of Gods in Ancient Egypt" by Jane Sellers, published by Penguin, London 1992. One of the first Egyptologists to have used Santillana and von Dechend's system to analyse Ancient Egyptian religion. She discovered precessional astronomy had been encoded in the Osiris myth.

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